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This valuable mixing service is available WORLDWIDE! I am able to bring the same professional mixes to your music at a fraction of the cost compared to mixing in a commercial studio. You will get the same quality mixes that I provide for major artists. Once your tracks are recorded, you can use this Virtual & Vintage Mixing service to make your songs radio-ready and downloadable-friendly.

Burn your recorded tracks onto a DVD and mail them to me. Before the mixing starts, I’ll discuss the direction of your music and the sound that you are looking for in an interactive way! Once mixed, you will listen to a high-quality AIFF file that is sent to you via a secure link. Then you suggest changes or simply approve the mixes. 

I care about your music and have great pride in my work. Your song(s) will get my full attention, so nothing gets rushed through. A minimum of 12-18 hours is spent on each song.

The mix is the most important part of your final product. Don’t waste money by having a non-professional mix your music, only to find out that you need to have it remixed by a pro (hence paying twice). So get the outstanding product that your music deserves! Get it right the FIRST time!

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AcuPrecision Sonic Imaging Process™

When mixing independent projects, I still bring the SAME
level of professionalism and incredible sound to your songs.

The mix is done on a ProTools HD3 system, through an API 1604 analog console
using state-of-the-art gear – see the VINTAGE list below. THESE are the
REAL pieces of gear - NOT PLUG-INS! Via my partner, this large array of
analog equipment helps produce an incredible sound.

In addition, I also use many amazing plug-ins. See the VIRTUAL list below.


Mac PRO 2.8Ghz, Two Quad Core Intel
Xeon “Harpertown” Processors
            That’s 8 cores! - with 14GB of RAM

Clean, balanced power with
Monster Power HTS-5100 Mk II

ProTools HD3 Accel
running version 7.4.1
Lynx Aurora 8 A/D D/A converters
Antelope Isochrone OCX Master Digital Clock
Isochrone 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock
Custom cabling

DigiDesign HD3 Plug-ins
            Focusrite d2 / d3
            Moogerfooger Bundle
            Joe Meek Bundle – SC2, VC5
            Purple Audio MC77 (1176)
            SansAmp PSA-1
            Line 6 Amp Farm
            Tel-Ray Variable Delay
            Reverb One
            Cosmonaut Voice
            Bruno / Reso
            Virus Indigo
            Sound Replacer

Bomb Factory
            BF-3A (LA-3A)
            Fairchild Bundle – Model 660 and 670
            Pultec EQ Bundle – EQP-1A, EQH-2, MEQ-5
            Voce Bundle – Chorus, Vibrato, Spin

Sony Oxford (Sonnox)
            EQ with GML Option
            Trans Mod

Waves Mercury Bundle
            API Collection
                        API 550a EQ, API 550b EQ,
                        API 560 EQ, API 2500 Comp
            SSL 4000 Collection
                        SSL E channel, SSL G Compressor,
                        SSL G EQ
            Compressor Bundle
                        C1 Parametric Compander,
                        C4 Multi-Band
            GTR 3
                        Simulation of 19 Guitar Amps and
                                     26 Guitar Pedal FX
                        7 bass amps, 6 bass cabinets
            L1, L2, L3 Mastering
            Masters Series
                        L2 Ultramaximizer, Linear Phase EQ,                         Linear Phase Multi-Band
            L3-16 Multimaximizer
            Maxx Volume Bundle
                        Maxx Bass, Maxx Volume
            Renaissance Bundle
                        Ren Channel, Ren Reverb, Ren EQ,                         Ren Compressor, Ren Vox
                        Ren Bass, Ren De-Esser, Ren Axx
            V-Series (Neve) Bundle
                       V-EQ 3 (Neve 1066 and Neve 1073
                       V-EQ 4 (Neve 1081 and Neve 8078
            Vocal Series
                        DeBreath, Waves Tune
            IR-1 Convolution Reverb
            Restoration Bundle
                        X-Noise, X-Click, X-Crackle, X-Hum
            Native Power Pack
            360 Surround Tools
            Transform Bundle
                        Sound Shifter, Doubler, Morphoder,                         Trans-X, Enigma, Doppler, Doubler,                         MondoMod, Stereo Enhancer,
                        Stereo Imager, SuperTap Delays,

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3
McDSP Chrome Tone

            Guitar Amp Modeling and FX
Audio Ease AltiVerb 6XL
Trillium Lane Labs TL Space Reverb
Izotope Spectron
Line 6 Echo Farm
Massenburg MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ
Slightly Rude Compressor
Smack! Compressor
Drumagog Platinum
Toontrack Superior Drums

            Custom & Vintage
            Superior Vintage Add-On
            Superior Drums From Hell
IK Multimedia
             Sample Tank 2
             Amplitube 2 LE
                        14 Guitar Pre Amp Models,
                        16 Cabinet Models,
                        21 Guitar Pedal FX
             Amplitube DUO
                        2 Guitar Amp Models,
                        2 Guitar Cabinet Models
             T-Racks EQ
Celemony Melodyne Studio

            Fairchild Model 602 - 1960’s
            Neve 2254 Compressors (2) -1970’s
            Urei 1176 (black face) (2) - 1970’s
            Urei 1176 (silver face) (2) - 1960’s
            LA-2A (3) - 1960’s
            LA-3A (2) – 1960’s
            SSL G384 Stereo Compressor – 1980’s
            Pye Compressors - 1960’s
            dbx 160 (2) - 1970’s
            Alan Smart C2 Compressor / Limiter
            Compex Limiter F760X-RS – 1970’s
            Gates Sta-Level - 1956
            RCA BA-6B Limiting Amplifier – 1950’s
            Quad 8 Compressor (2)

            Neve 1073 (2)- 1975
            Trident A Range (2) - 1972
            Sontec Parametric Mastering EQ - 1978
            API 550a (13) – 1970’s
            API 560 – 1970’s
            API 560a (3)
            Pultec EQH-2 (2) - 1950’s
            Pultec MEQ-5 (2) - 1950’s
            Langevin EQ x 8 channels
            Quad 8 Triad EQ (2)

Tube D/A Converters
            Cranesong Hedd 192 (2)

tc electronic Series 6000
            AMS Rmx-16 - 1980’s
            Lexicon 480L - 1980’s
            EMT 250 Reverb - 1970’s
            Eventide 2016 (original) - 1984
            Quantec Reverb - 1980’s

16 channel API 1604 Console - 1970’s
            dbx 902 de-esser (2)
            Lexicon PCM-42 - 1982
            Roland SDE-3000
            API 553 (2)
            AMS dmx-15-80s -1980’s
            Roland Dim D - 1979
            Dolby A (2) - 1960’s
            Kepex II Gates (4)
            Weiss DS-1 Digital De-esser / Compressor